Flood Insurance in Tennessee

Flood insurance coverage is one of those additional policies for homeowners or businesses that not everyone opts for. Most states don't require it, neither does mortgage companies unless you are in flood zone. Because of this, not everyone decides to invest in it. However, it is one of the most valuable insurance policies you need to consider. While every home and business owner are a bit different, this is a form of protection you need to investigate. At Carr Insurance Group, we want to do everything in our power to help keep you and your home protected. So, if you live in Maryville, TN, our staff is here to help.

What Flood Insurance Covers

There are many ways flood insurance helps you out. For starters, if your home floods from rising waters, your flood insurance will protect you. Regular homeowner’s insurance may not cover this kind of damage and has many exclusions.

f your home ever floods due to heavy rains, the flood insurance will cover you as well. This is good for not only the water damage but to help replace and repair the structure of your home and belongings. We suggest making an inventory of sentimental and valuable possessions for content replacement. A flood policy also takes 30 days to go into effect (this does not apply for new home closings). You must plan ahead when acquiring a flood policy.

Flood Insurance Answers and Coverage

If you have additional questions regarding flood insurance and whether it is right for you, our Tennessee staff here at Carr Insurance Group is ready to help. And if you're interested in adding flood insurance to your home or business, we are here as well. So, if you live in greater Maryville, TN and are interested in flood insurance or a different form of coverage altogether, simply give us a ring. We can't want to help you out. We also write policies for Florida and Texas.

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