Boat/Watercraft Insurance in Tennessee

Getting out on the open water is truly something special. Spending time lounging on your pontoon or hopping waves in your speed boat has a way of relaxing your mind and soothing the body. With the kind of money that you put into a boat, it is an excellent idea to protect it. You can't forecast the future, and you don't know what might happen with your boat or watercraft. With insurance, you won't need to because wherever you take your boat and wherever it is stored, it will always be protected. At Carr Insurance Group, we are there to work with you. So whether you live in Maryville, TN or the surrounding areas, our Tennessee staff is here for you.

Any Watercraft

It doesn't matter what kind of watercraft you own. Whether it is a small motorboat that you want to protect for your next group river fishing adventure, or you own a large pontoon, we will protect it.

More Than Water Protection

Most accidents and damage to boats don't happen while in the water. It takes place while in transit or when in storage. If you're in an auto accident while towing, your boat will not be protected by your auto insurance. And if it is in your house during a fire or sustains some other damage while in storage, your property insurance will likely not cover it. However, the right boat and watercraft insurance can.

Protecting Your Boat and Watercraft

It doesn't matter if you have a fishing boat that's been passed down from your grandparents or you own a brand-new speed boat, our staff here at Carr Insurance Group wants to make sure you are adequately protected. If you live in Tennessee, Florida, or Texas and are looking for a boat or watercraft policy, our staff in Maryville, TN are ready to help. So, give us a call today. Our Tennessee staff is ready to answer any questions you might have.

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