Guaranteed Issue Policies & Graded life policies

What is Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance?


Does the thought of getting a medical exam to qualify for Life Insurance make you anxious?

You’re not alone. For some people, the life insurance application process and medical exams can be stressful. The anxiety of having their blood drawn and going through a paramedical examination may be enough to keep them from getting the coverage they need.

Despite these worries, life insurance is important and the decision to get protection should not be postponed. If you’ve been procrastinating due to anxiety over the process, guaranteed issue life insurance could be an option.As the name implies, there are life insurance policies that are guaranteed to be issued. That means regardless of your health, you cannot be declined or turned down. However, guaranteed issue life insurance generally offers low death benefit options with higher than normal premiums.

The three main benefits of guaranteed issue life insurance are that there is no required medical examination, no medical questions to answer, and you don’t have to be in perfect health. However, because you do not have to qualify, premiums are typically higher than what a healthy person would pay for the same amount of coverage under a policy that went through medical underwriting.


Graded life polices fill a very specific need. These type of plans are designed for typically older people or people in poor health that still want insurance to help cover final expenses or funeral costs. They can be issued with almost any medical condition but are usually limited to a return of premium in the first 2 or 3 years. (fully covered for accidental death). They are more of a last resort policy & are the most expensive in the cost per thousand, The can be a good deal for someone in poor health that needs only a limited amount of insurance, usually between $3,000 & $20,000

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