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Auto Insurance

Finding complete and correct auto insurance can often feel like a lengthy and confusing process. It is important to ensure that all insurance coverage is tailored to each client's needs. The Carr Insurance Group serves Tennessee drivers and we understand the complexities of the state's insurance regulations. Auto insurance coverage encompasses more than accident protection, although that is a main component of every policy. For instance, if a vehicle is the sole mode of transpiration, coverage for the use of a rental car during accident repairs will be necessary. Another concern is vehicle replacement in the event that an automobile is declared a total loss by your insurance company. Standard coverage does not guarantee that a replacement vehicle will be completely covered. When later models are insured, this can become an issue as the insured value may not be sufficient to fund a replacement at today's prices. These are just two examples of situations where an experienced agent can provide guidance.

A qualified insurance professional is able to guide their clients through the policy review process and explain all of the Tennessee insurance laws that affect them. According to the DMV, law requires that vehicle owners have liability coverage in case the driver is at fault for an accident where injury or damages occur.

At Carr Insurance Group we can walk you through the regulations and also advise you when more than the minimum amounts may be appropriate. Check out our online rate quote tool and take a look at the different coverage levels available, along with their cost. Once you've reviewed the products that Carr Insurance has available, stop in and meet with one of our insurance professionals to get the coverage that you need.